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Showcase of Shorter Poems
- Performance
- Late Summer Fires
- Pigs
- Comete
- The Harleys
- The Sleepout [MP3 audio]
- Bat's Ultrasound [MP3 audio]
- Cockspur Bush
- The Mitchells
- Inside Ayers Rock
- On Home Beaches
- Flowering Eucalypt in Autumn
- The Meaning of Existence
- The Mowed Hollow
- An Absolutely Ordinary Rainbow [MP3 audio]
- Amanda's Painting
- More Poems
Download the Showcase for Printing (PDF)

Two Extracts from Fredy Neptune
- First Sighting of the Los Angeles
- Iron Rees

Recent Poems
- High Foliage new
- Growth new
- Eating from the Dictionary new
- I Wrote a Little Haiku new
- Goths in Leipzig new

Poems from Taller When Prone
- As Country Was Slow
- Port Jackson Greaseproof Rose
- Fame
- Cherries from Young
- The Farm Terraces
- The Conversations

Poems from The Biplane Houses
- The Shining Slopes and Planes
- Through the Lattice Door
- The House Left in English
- The Hanging Gardens
- On the North Coast Line

The Full Dress
- The Aboriginal Cricketer
- Cattle Ancestor
- Echidna
- A Study of the Nude
- The Tin Wash Dish [MP3 audio]
- Two Rains
- Worker Knowledge
- Under the Banana Mountains
- From Fredy Neptune
- You Find You Can Leave It All
- Cave Divers near Mount Gambier

New Collected Poems: Table of Contents 

Uncollected Poems

Uncollected: The Weatherboard Cathedral
- Recourse to the Wilderness new
- Farewelling Contemporaries new
- Shorelines
- Platypus
- Windy Hill new
- Tableau with Academic Figures new
- Shelduck Lagoon
- Bagman O'Reilly's Curse
- Existential Beasts new
- The Borgia Pope Relates a Painful Incident new
- The Wilderness new
- The Garden Path new
- The Merchants' Wheel
- The Abortion Scene new
- Prosper the Commonwealthnew
- Susan and the Serpent – A Colonial Fiction
- The Last Continent new
- The Count of the Simple Shore new
- When I Was Alive new
- The Rock Shelters, Botany Bay new
- Treeroots and Earth
- Three Tries at Englynion new
- One Who Asked, Thinking He Knew
- If a Pebble Fall new
- The Barranang Angel Case new
- The House of Four-X new
- The Spheres new

Uncollected: Poems Against Economics
- A Helicopter View of Terrestrial Stars
- In Australia They Spare Only the Kulaks
- The ASIO Bug
- Sunday, Having Read My Sheets
- Dependence
- Middle Earth

Uncollected: Lunch and Counter Lunch
- Rhymes for a Small Capital
- The Flying Mural
- Bikini
- After Lunch
- Notes

Uncollected: The Boys Who Stole the Funeral
- 24 ("The kitchen's not urbane")
- 37 ("Famous twice over now")
- 48 ("The chip-gravelled woodheap surrounds him")
- 51 ("He hurries some way down the road ")
- 63 ("Obsolete and therefore deaf")
- 79 ("Honeyed dust and bush lemon are the perfumes they breathe")
- 100 ("It is a pity we always had to be sensible")

Uncollected: The People's Otherworld
- The Craze Field of Dried Mud new
- The Romantic Theme of Ruins new
- Exile Prolonged by Real Reasons new

Uncollected: The Daylight Moon
- Forty Acre Ethno new
- The Climb Down new
- The Man with the Hoe new

Uncollected: Translations from the Natural World
- Mother Sea Lion
- Insect Mating Flight

Translations in Italian
- Chiesa [Church]
- La cianografia [The Blueprint]
- Morte per esposizione [Death from Exposure]
- Scivoli e planate scintillanti [The Shining Slopes and Planes]
- Pressione [Pressure]
- Luogo di nascita [Birthplace]
- Il verde di tendenza [The Cool Green]
Introduction to Les Murray in Italian

Translations in German
- Die Annalen der Jähe [The Annals of Sheer]
- Wahre Geschichte [True Yarn]
- Eine australische Legende [Australian Legend]
- Der Mondmann [The Moon Man]
- Honigzyklus [Honey Cycle]
- Hirschrudel auf den nassen Hügeln [Deer on the Wet Hills]

Translations in French
- Emploi pour les castes en désuétude [Employment for the Castes in Abeyance] new
- Second essai sur l’intérêt : l’émeu [Second Essay on Interest: The Emu] new
- Chien renard champ [Dog Fox Field] new
- Les vaches le jour de l’abattage [The Cows on Killing Day] new
- L’instrument [The Instrument] new
- Ça autorise un portrait à quinze ans en lignes scandées [It Allows a Portrait ...] new
- Un autochtone [A Countryman] new
- Les nouveaux hiéroglyphes [The New Hieroglyphics] new
- Poésie et religion [Poetry and Religion] new
- Oiseau-lyre [Lyrebird] new
- Méduse [Jellyfish] new
- À l’intérieur d’Ayers Rock [Inside Ayers Rock] new
- Cinq cartes postales [Five Postcards] new
- Les dates [The Scores] new
- Examen créole [Creole Exam] new
- Les derniers saluts [The Last Hellos] new

About Poetry
Criticism on Les Murray

Overviews of Les Murray's career:
- The Oxford Companion to Australian Literature
- Mick Imlah
- Lawrence Bourke

Essays: Les Murray and Australian Poetry
- Cover Notes
- Extract from How Fred and I wrote Fredy Neptune

David McCooey's study of contemporary Australian poetry
- Les Murray Extract

Steven Matthews' critical study
- Cover Notes
- Extract from Les Murray

Jason Clapham's article on The Mitchells
- On The Mitchells new


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