The Full Dress

The Full Dress is a collection of over a hundred poems and extracts chosen by Les Murray from previous volumes and presented 'in conversation' with artworks from the National Gallery of Australia. The combination of words and high quality colour prints makes the book an especially useful resource for teachers. The distributor is Thames and Hudson.

Sample Pages

The Aboriginal Cricketer Worker Knowledge Cattle Ancestor A Study of the Nude
Echidna The Tin Wash Dish Two Rains Under the Banana Mountains
    Fredy Neptune You Find You Can Leave It All Cave Divers near Mount Gambier


Most of the poems featured in this site's Showcase of shorter poems are also included in The Full Dress. There are particularly fine entries for: The Mowed Hollow, coupled with "Interior in Yellow" by Grace Crossington Smith; Flowering Eucalypt in Autumn coupled with an Indian wall hanging from the Moghul dynasty; and Late Summer Fires coupled with "Burnt Landscape No. 2" by Fred Williams.


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