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Comprising links to biographical resources, Les Murray's publishers, audio, translations of the poems, recommended poetry sites, interviews, reviews and others.


Books may be bought online from Les Murray's two principal publishers:

Carcanet (UK)

Duffy & Snellgrove (Australia)

JM Meulenhoff (Netherlands) for Dutch translations of some major works. The site includes several extracts.

Solum Forlag (Norway) for Norwegian translations.

Wahlström & Widstrand (Sweden) for Swedish translations.


Les Murray Audio

The Poetry Archive features its own recordings of Les Murray in 2001. Listen online to The Tin Wash Dish, Bats' Ultrasound, The Last Hellos, The Annals of Sheer, The Pay for Fosterage, The Climax of Factory Farming and The Meaning of Existence. A CD featuring all 55 of the recordings is available from the Poetry Bookshop Online, as are a generous selection of published titles:

Lyrikline recordings from 2000 of Les Murray reading Bats' Ultrasound, The Quality of Sprawl, Poetry and Religion, The Broad Bean Sermon, The Cows on the Killing Day, Quintets for Robert Morley, The Images Alone, Ernest Hemingway and the Latest Quake and Water-gardening in an Old Farm Dam (literaturWERKstatt Berlin):

BBC recordings of Les talking on Radio 3 on such subjects as 'rationalism and the dreamworld', Australian writing, the pros and cons of Australian universities and atrocity in the twentieth century:

Duffy & Snellgrove recording of Les Murray reading It Allows a Portrait in Line Scan at 15:

Translated Poems

German translation of a selection from throughout Les Murray's oeuvre:

Russian translations of a good selection of poems by Regina Derieva:

Italian translations of three poems from the Rivista di poesia comparata:
Corniche, Dog Fox Field and Rainwater Tank:
.. includes English originals in parallel.

Dutch translation of The New Hieroglyphics:

Recommended Poetry Sites

The Australian Poetry Library is a reliable source of over 1,600 poems by Les Murray:

The Quadrant is an Australian literary magazine containing a number of poems by Les Murray, some of them not yet published in book form:

The Poetry Book Society (PBS) is an excellent way of keeping abreast of contemporary poetry, and is a cheap source of books and titles that are out of stock elsewhere:

The Poetry Resources site contains a wealth of poetry news, books and links to quality web resources:

Poem of the Week emails a poem once a week from an eclectic library. It is easy to subscribe to and unsubscribe from the service (which is free):

Excepts from The New Oxford Book of Australian Verse chosen by Les Murray (see Bibliography) are available at:

OzPoet, if they say so themselves, is the definitive gateway to contemporary Australian poetry:

Australia HQ offer a generous collection of links for explorers Australian poetry:

Australia's Cultural Network is also worth a visit:

The 'other' Murray homepage:

As the home of quiet enthusiasms, the Bikwell website and newsletter offers intelligent editorial and contributions on a number of subjects (electronic subscription is free):

Being rather more than its name suggests, Renascence Editions is a massive collection of poetry and prose from 1477 to the end of the eighteenth century.


A Conversation with Les Murray
An interview from 2009 with J. Mark Smith at Grant MacEwan College in Edmonton, Alberta.

Embracing the Vernacular
An interview from 1991 with Noel Peacock from the journal Australian and New Zealand Studies in Canada (Vol. 7).

Enjoying the Afterlife
An short interview from 1999 when Les Murray spoke to the Herald/Dymocks literary luncheon (Sydney) . Includes sound in Streaming Real Audio format.

On Fredy Neptune
An interview from 1998 with Steven Matthews, who has written a study of Les Murray's poetry.

Observer Interview
A 1997 interview with Andrew Billen of The Observer (a British newspaper).

See also: Les Murray Audio

Reviews & Commentary

Peter Porter's controversial review of the New Collected Poems, also from the Guardian (March 15, 2003):,12084,913649,00.html
(The poem referred to as "Futurity" is collected as "The Future", and "Rain Tank" is in fact "Rainwater Tank".)

Paul Cliff's article, A 'Bunyah Buddha Realm'?: Bioregional Approach To Les Murray's Heartland, is well-illustrated with photographs of Bunyah and environs taken by the Murray family (2002):

Google's Book Search is a good source of academic material on Les Murray; a number of pages of the books may be read online (Google login required, free):

The Complete Review has the best selection of Les Murray reviews:

The poet Ruth Padel's review of Fredy Neptune for the New York Times comes with a good-sized extract from the novel's opening chapter:

The New York University's Literature, Arts and Medicine Database has annotations on Burning Want, Hearing Impairment, The Last Hellos and Travels with John Hunter:

A substantial profile of Les Murray by Robert Potts (Guardian, 2004) describes the poet's life and work:,12084,1216273,00.html

Poet John Kinsella's essay provides a useful Les Murray overview:

The new Google Books search engine is also worth consulting.


Other Links

Macquarie University's dictionary of Australian English:

The US-based site have a new feature called See Inside. Now you can read pages from a number of books free online:

The best way to find other Les Murray resources on the net is to use a search engine like Google, which is incredibly quick and accurate, especially when the advanced search features are used. They also have a natty toolbar to facilitate searching:

If you are thinking of putting together a poetry website of your own, I would recommend the Yale Web Style Guide, which gives expert advice on all aspects of site design, and is published online in full:

The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Admittedly this hasn't much to do with Les Murray, but we think it is a fantastic site!


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