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Resources for teaching Les Murray's poetry. If you would like to contribute resources to this page, or if you are having difficulty finding a poem you wish to teach, please contact me by email at the address shown on the About page.

St Edward's Oxford

Les Murray is currently being taught for I.B. Language A - Literature (Part 3) at St Edward's Oxford:

 Selected Poems for I.B. (Booklet) new

The following resources have been used teaching Les Murray as a post-colonial writer to A-level students:

 Driving Through Sawmill Towns

 Noonday Axeman

 The Grassfire Stanzas

 Centres on a Sphere

Ruth Padel's excellent close-reading of Les Murray from 52 Ways of Looking at a Poem:

 On Home Beaches

IB Standard Level
Aquinas College

The following poems have been taught as a unit at Aquinas College in Western Australia:
- Inside Ayers Rock
- The Burning Truck
- The Mitchells
- The Gum Forest
- The Drugs of War
- Kiss of the Whip
- Shale Country
- An Absolutely Ordinary Rainbow
- Midnight Lake
- Sydney and the Bush
- Tableau in January
- The Incendiary Method
- The Dream of Wearing Shorts Forever
- The Canberra Suburbsí Infinite Extension
- Poetry and Religion
- Contested Landscapes at Forsayth
- The Sleepout
- Vindaloo in Merthyr Tydfil
- Spring Hail

International A-level

The following poems from the Carcanet edition of the Selected Poetry have been set for the A-level offered by Cambridge International Examinations (Literature in English 9695):

- Driving through Sawmill Towns
- The Burning Truck
- An Absolutely Ordinary Rainbow
- The Breach
- Aqualung Shinto
- The Broad Bean Sermon
- The Action
- The Mitchells
- The Powerline Incarnation
- The Returnees
- Creeper Habit
- The Buladelah-Taree Holiday Song Cycle
- The Gum Forest
- The Future
- Immigrant Voyage
- The Grassfire Stanzas
- Homage to the Launching Place
- The Fishermen at South Head
- The Sydney Highrise Variations
- The Aquatic Carnival
- The Sleepout
- Louvres
- The Edgeless
- The Drugs of War
- Bent Water in the Tasmanian Highlands
- Equanimity
- The Forest Hit by Modern Use
- Shower
- Three Poems in Memory of my Mother
- Machine Portraits with Pendant Spaceman
- An Immortal
- Second Essay on Interest: the Emu
- A Retrospect of Humidity
- Flowering Eucalypt in Autumn
- The Smell of Coal Smoke
- The Mouthless Image of God in the Hunter-Colo Mountains
- Time Travel
- Morse
- Federation Style on the Northern Rivers
- Easter 1984
- Physiognomy on the Savage Manning River
- The Dream of Wearing Shorts Forever
- Letters to the Winner
- The China Pear Trees
- The Vol Sprung from Heraldry
- Fastness
- Batsí Ultrasound

Among the exam questions set between 2006 and 2010 were the following:

 Les Murray Essay Questions from CIE

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