Uncollected: Translations from the Natural World

The following two poems from Translations from the Natural World are the only two not selected for the New Collected Poems (see Bibliography).

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Mother Sea Lion

My pup has become myself
yet I'm still present

My breasts have vanished.
My pup has grown them on herself.

Tenderly we rub whiskers.
She, me, both still present.

I plunge, dive deep in the Clench.
My blood erects. Familiar joy.

Coming out, I swim the beach-shingle.
Blood subsides. Yet I enjoy still.

Insect Mating Flight

Iridescent in accord, clear wings
row, and the pressure of air-ocean
breathing and upholding him, Ee sings:
with our chew eyewords' whim
moth reed haze racing vane,
butts hum and buoy or, fairer moan,
ex pencil eye fits elf, is gain,
Microbes leap ova neither lung
disdances leery quid threw awed.
Clewings eerie dissent inner cord.

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